Urgent! Sign Petition NOW To Stop Wild Abundance School From Killing Another Sheep For Profit

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Following the announcement last week that an innocent sheep will be coldly and cruelly murdered on November 4, 2017, in Asheville, North Carolina, and the subsequent outrage expressed by animal advocates, the owners of Wild Abundance have responded in an equally shocking and abhorrent way.

According to its website, the so-called farm is charging between $250.00 and $450.00 per person for people who want to attend a class in which students are taught how to slaughter a 100-pound sheep and then use the entirety of the animal.

Meredith Leigh and Natalie Bogwalker, the owners of Wild Abundance and the two individuals perpetrating this egregious act, have used the term ‘sacred’ in regards to this appalling killing of an innocent being, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office recently reported.

Both women are former vegans who cynically transitioned to the realm of butchery for profit, as explained in their own words.

In retribution for the concerns expressed by animal advocates, members of Wild Abundance Farm and School have threatened to execute another sheep every week until “Donald Trump’s agenda gets through.”

They did not specify what part of Mr. Trump’s agenda they were supporting, but reportedly told an inquiring citizen of their apparent political agenda.

Last year, Leigh and Bogwalker murdered two sheep in response to the strenuous efforts of compassionate animal activists.

As the North American Animal Liberation Press Office pointed out, perhaps the women should be reminded of the words of Professor Gary L. Francione, Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law & Philosophy at Rutgers School of Law–Newark:

When it comes to animal agriculture, there is conventional, which is really hideous, and “compassionate” or “certified humane” or whatever, which *may* be *slightly* less hideous. But it’s all torture. It’s all wrong. These “happy” gimmicks are just designed to make the public feel better about exploiting animals. Don’t buy the propaganda of “happy” exploitation. Go vegan and promote veganism.”

People wanting to register their disgust and outrage can find a list of names and contact information HERE!

People are also encouraged to sign the petition to stop this senseless, needless and bloody violence at Wild Abundance and save the lives of any more innocent animals from being killed by them HERE!

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