The Best Clean Eats in NYC

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Looking for a few Healthy Restaurants in NYC? Here’s a list of the best clean eating spots that are delicious and healthy in Manhattan, NYC.Here is a list of the best healthy restaurants in NYC in Manhattan for breakfast, lunch and dinner all year round.

I’m excited to share my list of my favorite healthy restaurants in NYC as well as cafes and takeout destinations in the fabulous world of Manhattan. Some of these are casual, some a bit more fancy and some a tee-shirt and flip flop kinda spot. Take a look at each restaurant by clicking on the URL on the right of the restaurant’s name and you’ll be directed to their website so you can browse the menu and offerings. All of these healthy restaurants in NYC have gluten-free options and most have dairy-free and vegetarian/vegan options, as well.

Let me know what spots you try and what you ordered!


  1. The Fat Radish
  2. abcV
  3. Cafe Clover
  4. ABC Kitchen
  5. Palma
  6. The Green Table Chelsea Market
  7. Estela
  8. Five Leaves
  9. Bluestone Lane
  10. Norma’s
  11. Coco + Cru
  12. Atla
  13. The Wild Son
  14. Faro
  15. Cafe Mogador
  16. Extra Virgin
  17. Iris Cafe
  18. The Organic Grill
  19. Chalk Point Kitchen
  20. Hundred Acres
  21. The Little Beet Table
  22. Hu Kitchen
  23. The Little Beet
  24. Sweetgreen
  25. Bareburger
  26. Ellary’s Greens
  27. Quartino Bottega Organica
  28. Siggys
  29. Little Park
  30. Hemlock
  31. Hudson Clearwater
  32. Community Food and Juice
  33. Hearth
  34. The Smile
  35. The Butcher’s Daughter
  36. Jack’s Wife Freda
  37. Cookshop
  38. The Bonnie
  39. Buvette
  40. Hole in the Wall Coffee
  41. Miss Lily’s
  42. Red Farm
  43. Santina
  44. Upland
  45. Dimes
  46. Charlie Bird
  47. The Grange Bar and Eatery

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