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Is ShopiRater a Scam? Unofficial Review

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ShopiRater scam: Interested in purchasing ShopiRater? You might want to read this first..

ShopiRater: Biggest Scam and in recent memory, or the future of eCommerce marketing?

Recently a lot of Buzz has been generated around the eCommerce automated marketing product that goes by the name of ShopiRater. Sometimes, this much hype can be a clear indicator of a scam and can be a clear warning to stay away from a product. However, it’s not wise to make any decision with any prior research. Luckily, our software experts have taken care of all of the hard work that for you. Today our experts take an in depth look at ShopiRater and we provide our expert opinion on whether ShopiRater is an effective tool for growing your small business. ShopiRater Quality or ShopiRater Scam? Our Software Experts provide their input in North shore Outlet’s Unofficial Review. Let’s Begin:

Shopirater scam


Off of the top of your head, What are some of the most successful online retail stores in the world today?

Many people will originally think of Fortune 500 companies such as Apple or Walmart.. and they would be correct. These companies are widely considered some of the top online retailers in the world today. However, there’s one retail giant that is the current undisputed king of Online Shopping. That Giant is

Shopirater scam

Many people are aware of Amazon’s recent dominance in the online ecommerce industry, but let’s just put into perspective how dominant has been compared to any other online retailer…
  • In 2016, made over $75 trillion dollars in online sales. That’s a lot.
  • What makes this number even more impressive is that the next highest grossing eCommerce retailer (Wal Mart Stores Inc.) made less than $15 Trillion in that same time frame. 
  • That means that in 2016, made more than 5x the amount of sales revenue than the next highest retailer!
  • Another way to frame’s retail success: In 2016, made more money in sales revenue than the next 25 highest grossing online retailers combined!!!

So what makes such a successful online retailer and how can you use this info to help your business?

  • An interesting aspect of is Amazon’s sale approach when it comes to generating online traffic for their store.
  • Amazon’s formula for success is in their advertising strategy and you may be surprised how big of an impact that Amazon’s ad campaigns have on their sales revenue.
  • gets their sales leads for less than 1/3 of their sales directly through their own website. This means that more than two-thirds of sales made by the world’s most successful eCommerce website are created through its  advertising campaign.

So how does create such lucrative ad campaigns?

  • The simple answer: Their ads are EVERYWHERE!!
  • Try visiting any reputable website on the internet. Odds are that there will be at least one advertisement for an Amazon product on that webpage. does an excellent job displaying targeted ads for their products on as many websites as possible.

So how can this help my business?

  • What teaches us is that brand recognition is huge. If people can identify you as a reputable and trustworthy retailer, they will buy your product or service regardless of which website they buy it from.

How do I establish a higher level of reputability and trust in my brand in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible?  

There are two proven approaches that you could use to effectively promote your brand:

First Proven Approach (For Top 1% of Businesses Only):

  • As has shown, the most effective way to promote your product or brand is to invest large amounts of money into your advertising campaigns to display your ads on as many websites as possible.

However there are some flaws to this approach:

  • There is only one Although they are the highest grossing online retailer in the world, Amazon also spends more money on advertising than anyone

This method is the most practical method and only Fortune 500 companies who can afford to spend millions of dollars testing their campaigns will see any real results from this approach

Second Proven Approach (Effective Regardless of the Size of Your Business):

  • Promote your brand through your customers
  • Third party recommendations are a great way to generate sales leads to targeted, warm traffic and expand your customer base
  • By offering incentives and special deals to your customers in exchange for positive reviews and recommendations to friends, you can put your ad campaign on autopilot and your business can effortlessly grow and expand at an exponential rate.

But my time is extremely valuable to me and I don’t want to spend countless hours setting up and maintaining my automated, incentive based campaigns for my business!

For years, many business owners have had to empty their wallets to hire ad campaign managers to set up and maintain automated incentive programs for customer reviews..

..but with the introduction of ShopiRater, how businesses go about growing their brand will never be the same

Shopirater scam

Shopirater scam

What is Shopirater?

  • ShopiRater is a revolutionary, affordable, and user friendly application that permits Shopify and WooCommerce store proprietors to set-up and automate incentived-based reviews for your company and mass produce email campaigns that put the development your store and brand on complete autopilot.
  • In a matter of seconds, you can automate campaigns that give away rewards, coupons, or free items in return for a beneficial review for your store that can help boost your reputability among new potential buyers.You can even produce automated referral discount campaigns for past customers.
  • These automated campaigns are an extraordinary approach to help separate yourself from comparable stores, and effortlessly grow your brand at an exponential rate.
  • But, that’s just the start. ShopiRater also lets you include email automation for upselling or cross promoting your store’s best selling goods and services

Shopirater scam

Shopirater scam


What will I get with ShopiRater ?

  • Cutting Edge ‘Boosted Review Feature
  • Our new upgraded feature you can utilize all of your Ad Campaigns to help propel a customer’s most helpful review to the top of your product’s review page

Run Viral Email Traffic Campaigns

  • Get Warm traffic to your stores Offer discounts for reviewers to share their buying experience and reviews via email to friends for added bonuses and discounts
  • User Friendly Custom Review Page to make it easier for customers to refer their friends for discounts

Full Drag/drop page manufacturer

  • Easy to Use Page builder helps you design your personalized email referral page in a matter of seconds

Customizable, Social-Proof Review Widget

  • With Social Media Platforms exponentially growing by the minute, this feature let your maximize your reach on potential customers by providing discounts for customers who share their product reviews via social media

Automated Followup for Increased Conversions

  • Utilize ShopiRater’s autoresponder follow-up feature that helps remind customers to give a positive review for discounts on future purchases

Expertly Designed

  • This revolutionary application was designed by ShopiRater’s team of World Class, Elite application designers. ShopiRater’s design team consists of former employees of reputable companies such as google and apple

Detailed and Meaningful Analytics

  • Gain an edge over other Businesses with ShopiRater’s AnalyticsPro feature
  • Upgrade from the outdated Google Analytics application that is still used by many businesses and utilize ShopiRater’s optimized solution for your sites analytic

Works for both Shopify and Woo Commerce stores

  • ShopiRater has collaborated with Woo Commerce and Shopify developers to make this product as user friendly as possible regardless of your store’s platform

Shopirater scamShopirater scam

Why is ShopiRater so Special and How does it Work?

  • As a business owner, the application, “ShopiRater” will make your life easier and help expand your business at an exponential rate.
  • ShopiRater’s proven, State of the Art referral automation feature will can make any business more profitable virtually overnight
  • ShopiRater’s Premium Automated Email Referral Plug-in attachment exponentially increases customer engagement rate and can be easily inserted into any of your email campaigns.


Any campaign can be set up in four 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Set Up Your Review and Traffic Campaign
  • Simply Click on the type of campaign that you wish to run and which ShopiRater features that you would like to enable for this campaign
  • You can add a link into your emails for referrals or there is also a feature you can enable that makes it easier for customers to complete their reviews by allowing your customers to complete their product review in the email without having to click a link and be redirected to another page
Step 2. Design Your ‘Incentive Pages’ and Download Pages
  • Utilize ShopiRater’s DFY layouts, Drag/drop developer, or even insert your own custom template into your campaign
  • You can use ShopiRater’s drag and drop feature to design you own custom email referral template or you may also choose from ShopiRater’s extensive selection of pre-designed templates.
Step 3. Modify the Review Widget for enormous social verification
  • You can add a “thank you” page to your campaign and even add a social referral feature which allows customers to share their referrals on social platforms for added discounts and bonuses
  • There is even an option for customers to include their own pictures of products they’ve purchased
  • You have the power to choose how many referral discounts you would like to include in your campaigns and ShopiRater makes it easy to effortlessly adjusts these settings at any given time
Step 4. Launch Your Referral Campaign and watch your business expand like never before!

Shopirater scam

Shopirater scam

Expert Testimonials Of Shopirater

(Average Customer Review = 4.7 Out of 5 Stars)

Shopirater scam

Shopirater scam

“ShopiRater is one powerful app. Customers are simply too busy to drop what they are doing, leave a great review, and refer your store to all their friends. ShopiRater does this all for you, really cool.”

– Brad Stephens 4.9 Out of 5 Stars



Shopirater scam

“ShopiRator is one genius product! The concept of incentivised reviews is amazing and it is increasing the sales of my store by increasing  authenticity by having real genuine reviews. Plus the Viral Referral system on top of it is like icing on the cake  because of the recommendation from an authentic source. Overall a real quality product, I am excited to use keep using ShopiRator.”

Thomas Allen 4.6 Out of 5 Stars


Shopirater scam

“eCom stores are definitely the biggest opportunity this year, and with the combination of eCom Legacy and the ShopiRater storegrowth software you have everything you need to start and rapidly scale a real business you can be proud of. Grab this now before the guys decide to raise the price to where it should be!”

Dwight Lemeaux 5 Out of 5 Stars

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Shopirater scam
ShopiRater Bonus #1ecom Legacy
  •  9 Part ShopiRater Video and PDF Series that outlines a how to start a business from scratch, perfect for all experience levels

Shopirater scam

ShopiRater Bonus #2 – Traffic Fresh
  • Learn the secrets to how Fortune 500 Companies run such effective ad campaigns

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ShopiRater Bonus #3 – Maxshop WordPress and Shopify Theme
  • ShopiRater’s Unique Store theme that has been show to boost any online store’s conversion rate by at least 5%


Our Experts Have Spoken:

Yes! ShopiRater is an Effective Product to Help Business Owners Organically Promote Their Brand!

Shopirater scamShopirater scam

North Shore Outlet’s Official Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

  • Many similar Shopify Software Applications require a monthly subscription to be utilized, the fact that ShopiRater only requires a One-time fee of $67 is a truly fantastic deal that won’t be beat anywhere else
  • ShopiRater is a proven, user friendly application to help exponentially grow your business in seconds
  • ShopiRater knocks out two birds with one stone by increasing your customer reviews and sales leads, while also increasing your brand’s recognition and social presence.

You Can Purchase ShopiRater Here for a One Time Fee of Only $67!

*This Website Only* North Shore Outlet’s Free $500 Value Bonus Package Included 

Shopirater scam

Shopirater scamRisk Free! 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

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