Friday Faces: 16 Sweet Corgi Kids!

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Watson is such an wonderful dog! From cuddling on the couch or in bed, to trips to the dog park chasing balls and car rides all around. Can’t imagine our lives without him, and I’m sure he’ll be an amazing big brother when his new human sister arrives in October.

— Tiffany Mandryk





Grateful for our little Sunny bun. Always reminding Sam and I what’s important in life: yummy snacks, long walks, bedtime snuggles, making new friends, and unconditional love. ♡

— Kassi Russell





Even with her overzealous alert barking, I wouldn’t trade my love bug Rooney for anything. She keeps me active and is always there when I need a snuggle. She just knows.

— Cin E Dasilva



KODA & co.


So grateful for these beautiful granddogs!! Koda is the corgi on the right. She’s seven now and keeps those other two in line. Keeps her humans in line, too! She makes sure we know when it’s time to eat and when the young ‘uns are acting up. Love these three!!

— Jennel Lafremier Wood





I’m grateful for my boys (Kepler and Moody) because they always know when I need them. They keep me sane yet on my toes, especially Moody! He’s my snuggler out of the two. Kepler is my guardian. I can’t imagine life without them.

— Emily Klins





I’m grateful for every day that I have with my Lily. She has terminal metastatic cancer (hemangiosarcoma) and doesn’t have much time left. I’m trying to make her as happy as possible for whatever time she has left — so many treats!

— Jamie Lemerond





My sweet Lucy has brought more joy to my world than I ever imagined a dog could. She came into our lives about 10 months prior to our elderly 19 yr old cat passing away. Here is Lucy commuting home from taking her boy to school.

— Megan Wood





Odin the Corgi/Shepherd is the physical embodiment of positivity! His happiness is infectious, and my girlfriend and I are both eternally grateful to have him and his smile with us!

— Marshall Payne





Siegfried (sable) is the one I call my angel. He came to me after the tragic loss of my first corgi at just a year old, and picked up the pieces of my broken heart to put together again. He went through vet school, an internship, failed jobs, and multiple interstate moves with me. He has helped me raise countless baby critters, and truly loves every single person he has ever met. I’ve been through 3 cancer scares with him, and am beyond grateful that he is still alive 2 years after being diagnosed with an often-fatal auto-immune disease. Wellston (tri) is a bundle of energy, as zoomie-filled as they come, but he has a heart the size of Canada. There is no day I go through that can’t be made better by seeing these two precious faces greet me at the door when I come home each night. They are constantly on my lap or at my feet, and they know when I need their love the most.

— Jessica Johnson





We are grateful for Barnaby because he’s just the sweetest rescue Corgi ever! We love watching him learn about and enjoy life outside the cage. This week’s lesson: there’s scraps to be had when mom is cooking!! 😂

— Lynn Rafferty Wilson





Hermione has been my shadow and constant companion for 11 years. I could not ask for a more loyal or loving friend. Even as DM is ravaging her body, her indomitable corgi spirit shines through. ❤️

— Amy King





Lost my sweet Dixie (“Twinroc Southern Belle”) in December 2014. For 15 years, she was my faithful and loving shadow (I was never alone in a room in my house for a minute of those 15 years!) and I miss her sweet face, wagging tail (even when back pain had to have made wagging hurt!), and those BIG, BEAUTIFUL EARS!

— Jill Notdurft Waldrop





Grateful for my Annie Bear and Sid, because their antics make me laugh, their eyes say “I love you” and their smiles hug my heart — each and every day!

— Anita Kissinger



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