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Why didn’t I think of that?? Top Laptop Accessories 2017

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Why didn’t I think of that?? Top Laptop Accessories 2017- All in all, laptops have made our lives way easier, but there are certain features that even today can be improved upon. The three ingenious innovations that we shed light today will have yourself thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?!” After exploring the benefits of the following accessories (I’d call them supporting features), it is hard to imagine yourself being able to live without them.


1. Laptop Cooling Pad – Top Laptop Accessories

For anyone reading this article on their laptop right now, let me ask you something..Where is your laptop positioned? If you said that it’s on your lap, then I can almost guarantee that your hot laptop is making your lap warm and uncomfortable. In addition, a laptop might start lagging or function inadequately when it overheats. To fix this issue, cooling pads ensure that the airflow to your laptop is sufficient and helps increase the laptop’s life and productivity.

• It seems like each year, several new upgrades are announced to help eliminate or at least diminish the loopholes in previous laptop models. However, the heating issue always seeps into the firewall of technology. To fix this problem once and for all, cooling pads play a pivotal role.
• Gaming laptops tend to heat up quite often, and the cooling pads prevent them from frying the motherboard due to excessive heat.

2. Large Gaming Mouse Pad – Top Laptop Accessories

Well, gamers want everything to be fancy, heavy-duty and want something that provides them with a competitive advantage.

• Mouse pads provide a very soft and gentle surface for your mouse to run over. It prevents them from wearing out quickly and also keeps them from getting dirty. These advantages are quadrupled as the size of the gaming mouse pad magnified to take up your whole desk.
• Nowadays, the mouse pad is no longer a bonus, but it adds a lot of value. Nowadays , you could get a very decent quality mouse at an economical price. The designs over these mouse pads enhance the overall gaming experience and help immerse the gamer into a newer World of euphoric gaming.
• These large gaming mouse pads come in many different sizes to accommodate different desk tops. You have the liberty of adjusting dimensions to suit your needs

3. Mini USB Plugin Fan – Top Laptop Accessories

What really makes this product cool is the plugin USB feature! It is one of the most celebrated laptop accessories which extends the purpose of cooling pads to your face.

• The very first advantage is that these fans are are portable and require minimum energy to run. Just plug into any of your USB ports and activate this powerful fan.
• Apart from that, these USB fans also aid the user in a tough work environment . Sometimes you might have to work in an environment without air conditioners and fans. These small fans help in such scenarios by regulating airflow towards you and keeping you cool.
• There are already a lot of variations and designs available for this relatively smaller accessory. Some of the fans also come with small bulb installed in front of them to assist you while working in the dark.

These are the accessories which we at North Shore Outlet most frequently have recommended to our laptop users. They are all affordable, portable, and guaranteed to enhance your experience while working on your laptop.Why didn’t I think of that?? Top Laptop Accessories 2017