Arnold Schwarzenegger personal training for less than $30??

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Arnold Schwarzenegger training – How much would you pay to get exclusive 1 on 1 business advice from Bill Gates? How about cooking advice from Gordon Ramsey? You can even get bodybuilding tips from Arnold Schwarzenegger for less than the price of month’s a gym membership. The truth of the matter is that anyone can afford these luxuries in life at an extremely reasonable cost. The way to obtain all of these luxuries in life is to invest in books. Many of the most successful people in their fields have written in depth books offering tips and other pieces of valuable advice that they have learned along their journey and are willing to offer this wisdom at an extremely affordable cost. Reading a book by a successful individual can also provide you with a better sense of how this person thinks and the mindset that makes them a success. Below are five books that you can buy today that can improve any area of your life:

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guide to Bodybuilding

Gordon Ramsey’s Guide to Cooking

Chris Rock’s Guide to Humor

Ellen Degeneres Guide to Charisma

 Bill Gates Guide to Starting a Business